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Diao, M., T. Holloway, S. Choi, S.M. O’Neill, M.Z. Al-Hamdan, A. Van Donkelaar, R.V. Martin, X. Jin, A.M. Fiore, D.K. Henze, F. Lacey, P.L. Kinney, F. Freedman, N. K. Larkin, Y. Zou, J.T. Kelly (2019), Methods, availability, and applications of PM2.5 exposure estimates derived from ground measurements, satellite, and atmospheric models, Journal of Air & Waste Management, 69, 12, 1391-1414, doi:10.1080/10962247.2019.1668498.

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Xiaomeng Jin

Jin, X., Fiore, A. M., Civerolo, K., Bi, J., Liu, Y., van Donkelaar, A., and Martin, R. V., Al-Hamdan, M., Zhang, Y., Insaf., T., Kioumourtzoglou, M., He, M., Kinney, P (2019), Comparison of multiple PM2.5 exposure products for estimating health benefits of emission controls over New York State, USA, Environmental Research Letters, , doi:10.1088/1748-9326/ab2dcb.

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More frequent and longer duration pollution and heat events over the 21st century in a small chemistry-climate model ensemble, presented by Arlene Fiore, Workshop on Correlated Extremes, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2019

Topics: climate, extreme events, ozone, particulate matter


Quantifying risks from changing U.S. PM2.5 distributions due to climate variability and warming with large multi-model ensembles and high-resolution downscaling, presented by Arlene Fiore, PM in a Changing World, U.S. EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2018

Topics: climate, climate variability, particulate matter


Connecting U.S. PM2.5 means and extremes with regional meteorology and global change, presented by Arlene Fiore, Air Quality in a Changing World, U.S. EPA, RTP, NC, 2017

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