Our Team

From left to right: Gus Correa, George Milly, Alex Karambelas, Colleen Baublitz, Olivia Clifton, Jean Guo, Nora Mascioli, Arlene Fiore, Xiaomeng Jin,  Dan Westervelt — May 2017.


Colleen Baublitz (Graduate Student)

Olivia Clifton (Graduate Student)

Gus Correa (Systems Analyst/Programmer)

Arlene Fiore (Professor, Group Leader)

Jean Guo (Graduate Student)

Xiaomeng Jin (Graduate Student)

Alex Karambelas (Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellow)

Nora Mascioli (Graduate Student)

George Milly (Research Analyst/Programmer)

Daniel Westervelt (Associate Research Scientist)

El Pressman (2017 Summer & Fall Intern with Olivia)



Lee Murray (2014-2016 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, now at Rochester University)

Daniel Halmos (2016 Summer Intern)

Lukas Valin (2013-2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, now at U.S. EPA, RTP, NC)

Melissa Seto (2014 Summer Intern; 2015-16 senior thesis, at Columbia College)

Yuxing Ma (2015-16 CU Masters Research Intern)

Dantu Lu (2015 Fall CU Masters Research Intern)

Mike He (2015 Fall CU MSPH Semester Research Intern, MSPH PhD)

Harald Rieder (2012-2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, now at U Graz, Austria)

Cynthia Zucker (Undergraduate Senior Thesis; 2016 Summer Intern)

Clara Ma (2017 Summer Intern with Dan)





From left to right: Gus Correa, George Milly, Xiaomeng Jin, Luke Valin, Nora Mascioli, Lee Murray, Olivia Clifton, Dan Westervelt, Jean Guo, Arlene Fiore — Nov. 2015 on the roof of Oceanography.


From left to right: Harald Rieder, Nora Mascioli, Gus Correa, Arlene Fiore, Luke Valin, Olivia Clifton, Lee Murray — Dec. 2013 on the roof of Oceanography.